The choice of OMTM depends on the startup’s stage of development and business model. It should also be noted that the most fundamental thing about Lean Analytics is to focus on only a few important metrics in a given period of time.
There is a saying that goes like this, "An important key to self-confidence is preparation."
Start your pitch with a brief introduction of the name, field and solution that your startup provides. Whether it's an elevator pitch or a standard pitch deck, your presentation should address all of the following: how pressing the issue is, whether your business solution is innovative or not, your growth strategy and last but not least, founding team.
In the business world, pitching (presentation to raise capital) is the brief introduction of business ideas, plans and situation to convince capitalists to invest in your startup. This is a fundamental goal that startups need to accomplish if they want to sustain their businesses because without the capital, the startup's business idea may never get the chance to be realized and break into the market. It is, therefore, vital for a founder or a co-founder to have good pitching skills which will bring more growth opportunities for his/her business.
Lean Analytics refers to the implementation of concise data analysis in lean startups, which aims to track and measure the growth of the startups itself. It focuses on finding the one metric that matters (OMTM) that corresponds to each development stage of the startup, thereby, simplifying the complexity of analyzing data and helping to identify the most pressing problems in a quicker way. This enables startups to concentrate on developing the most essential elements for success.
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